Run Forrest, RUN!

That’s what I’m always tempted to shout out whenever I see someone doing some hardcore running (while I’m flailing along).

The advantage of living in the suburbs is the abundance of nice parks to jog around.

Jells Park

One of my best friends and I go running at least every couple of weeks around Jells Park, which is such a nice way to catch up and get fit at the same time. Jells Park has a small lake, wide paths and play grounds which come in handy for strength based exercises (swings, benches etc). There’s even a nice cafe overlooking the park (Madeline’s) where my friend has taken me for a post-run brunch each birthday for the past few years, so lovely 🙂

The great thing about Jells Park is also it’s a great place to hold small outdoor get togethers – plenty of BBQs, park benches and green real estate for picnic parties. Earlier in the year, I went to a baby shower at Jells Park – the ladies in charge did an excellent job of decorating the area for the celebration.


Baby Shower at Jells Park




Madeline’s at Jells

1000 steps 

Another weekend, we wanted to challenge ourselves a little more so we headed up to Mt.Dandenong to do the 1000 steps. For the uninitiated, the 1000 steps is the Kokoda Track Memorial Walk – set in the Dandenong Ranges surrounded by lush ferns and gum trees. The aim is for people to get a (very small) glimpse of the physical effort that Australian soldiers endured during 1942.

Today it’s a really popular fitness track and after my last time….I can understand why (damn, those buns the day after!)

One of the first times I ever did the 1000 steps – it was a one way ticket to struggle town. I remember the last stretch (where the steps get quite tall for a compact sized person like me) – I was going up and the comments were made by more than a few people: “Don’t you worry, you’re almost there!” “You can do it!” ….Definitely must’ve looked like I was on the verge of passing out.

When I was almost there, I remember one guy who I saw on the way down , pass me again….so effectively lapping me. And to top it off, another guy who looked at least 60+ overtook me.

Parking can be a bit tricky sometimes if you head up at peak times (mornings on weekends). However further up there’s an unofficial parking lane (just along the main road on the gravel) where you’ll find plenty of space.

So to feel those legs burn this weekend – head up to the 1000 steps!


The Kokoda Memorial Trail


Nice scenery….that you can enjoy when you’re not about to die and out of breath





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