Servery and Spoon, Zen Japanese Restaurant

Didn’t get up to any mischief around Melbourne last weekend…as I was stranded in Hamilton Island because of a cyclone (definitely could be worse places to be stuck!) – here’s what I got up to on my birthday a few weeks back 🙂

Servery and Spoon

Birthday brunchin’ in the burbs – nice way to kick off celebrations. My friends and I went to Servery and Spoon, a sunny cafe in Malvern East (under looked area in my opinion, so many nice finds here lately).

I had the crumbed dukkah eggs on smashed avocado (my favourite) – similar to a scotch egg, only healthier. They also do some nice cold press juices, I had the kale one (in an attempt to be healthy…)

It’s a nice airy space, with a deli and they had a long table for the 12 of us. They also take reservations, which is super handy. I will be definitely be back for more of those eggs!

2014-02-16 13.08.46

Servery and Spoon

2014-02-16 13.08.40

Deli area

2014-02-16 13.18.23

Crumbed dukkah eggs and smashed avo, Kale cold pressed juice

2014-02-16 13.16.57

Salmon and corn fritters


Cute artwork out the back


Zen Japanese Restaurant 

Capping off my birthday, had dinner with family at Zen Japanese Restaurant which is in Hawthorn.

For some reason, we managed to score the private dining room upstairs…I’m certain it was my charming phone voice when I made the reservation 😉

We had the slow cooked ribs, seafood and chicken teriyakis, stir fried udon, seaweed salad, agedashi tofu, finishing off with chocolate spring rolls and green tea ice cream (hey, they say that calories don’t count on your birthday). Also ordered a baked dish that had ‘chan’ in it …I couldn’t resist and it was quite good! Dish of the day though was the ribs.

Thanks to my cousin for the photos (I took a day off that day). He’s been taking pictures of food ever since I can remember and he even got my dad into it. Now my dad whips out his iPad for most food photo taking opportunities – great look Dad, the epitome of cool 😛 




Seafood teriyaki

Plum Wine

Plum Wine


Slow cooked ribs


Eat: Servery & Spoon, 137 Waverley Rd, Malvern East

Eat: Zen Japanese Restaurant, 388 Burwood Rd, Hawthorn

Servery & Spoon on Urbanspoon

Zen Japanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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