Supernormal Canteen, White Night, Niko Niko


Supernormal Canteen

A friend recommended me to check out Supernormal Canteen, which is a pop-up ‘experimental’ kitchen (not as dodgy as it sounds, I promise) dabbling in Asian dishes.

I loved the set up of this place – open test kitchen, cute lantern decorations and good vibes. Small place but we were a group of 6 and fitted in snugly and was quite fine.



2014-02-22 20.24.20

Chinese and Japanese inspired menu

The menu is Japanese/Chinese inspired (which works for me…some of my favourite cuisines!). For the savoury dishes, we had sashimi, lobster rolls, chilli chicken and prawn dumplings, grilled cabbage, lamb and onion pancakes (really good for sharing).

Dessert was interesting – miso soft cone anyone? However the highlight was definitely the ‘yoghurt cream’  – very cool texture (light, powdery but then actually turns quite creamy) with fresh lychees and raspberries. Oishii!

Check out Supernormal soon though – it’s only open for a limited amount of time…until they open up their Flinders Lane location.


Creepy wine label…tasted good though!

2014-02-22 20.37.31 (1)

Sashimi and seaweed

2014-02-22 20.39.41

Lobster rolls

2014-02-22 20.51.05

Chicken and prawn dumplings with chilli vinegar


Highlight of the meal – “yoghurt cream” with lychees and raspberries

2014-02-22 21.12.30

Can I take these things home?

One of the guys posed an interesting hypothetical to the group – you’re given two suitcases.

In one, a vial containing a formula where once you drink it, you’ll be able to eat anything you want without any weight/cholesterol/health problems.

In the other case, is $5 million in cold hard cash. This question is also known as the ‘fat kid’ test.

At first I said I’d take the money, to which one of my friends was completely shocked – (great, so I’m a renowned fattie..)  However thinking about it again, there would probably be someone out there who values that vial at over $5M, so I could probably sell it for more ….and if not, then I’d be pretty happy to drink the vial for myself anyway!

White Night 

Saturday was White Night – where from 7pm to 7am, Melbourne opens its doors and museums, light exhibitions, art centres etc are open for the whole night.

White Night originally started as ‘Nuit Blanche’ in Nantes in France (where a ‘white night’ means an ‘all-nighter’) and has since spread to cities such as Montreal, Bucharest, Paris and now Melbourne!

I actually went to the one in Montreal which was a completely different experience seeing as it was held during winter in -30 degree weather (nothing stops those Canadians from having a good time!). I went to Melbourne’s White Night last year was which really great (crowded though) and this year was even more crowded! I read that this year, up to 550,000 people attended. Makes sense as it took around half an hour to just walk a few blocks down Swanston Street! 

However the atmosphere was quite cool and the city looked so beautiful illuminated by all the light exhibitions. We got in around 11pm to the city which is when I think it was really crowded, so lines for most exhibitions were really really long so unfortunately didn’t actually get a chance to go in many places – maybe next time I’ll get started around 2am when the crowds die down!


Flinders St comes alive


The Forum

Swanston St



Beautiful Melbourne.


Niko Niko

Super exhausted after White Night, but still managed to haul myself out to get to church early since I was on the kid’s church team that day. Nothing like chasing after tiny (yet suprisingly highly mobile) 2 year olds and running games for active 9 year olds to wake you up!

Afterwards, a group of us went to Niko Niko (opposite Holmesglen and a very short distance from Chadstone). Niko Niko is a Chinese restaurant (though it doesn’t sound very Chinese) with specialties including their double steamed rice. I had to get that – and had the chicken, mushroom and Chinese sausage variety….don’t know if it was because I had skipped breakfast that day, but it was so delicious and everything was really tender.  My friend also got the pumpkin congee which I had never seen before!

2014-02-23 13.06.45

Exhibit A: Pumpkin congee!

2014-02-23 13.16.20

Double steamed chicken and mushroom rice – so good! ($10)


  • Supernormal Canteen, 53 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy (limited time only – permanent location on Flinders Lane to be opened).
  • Niko Niko, 639-641 Warrigal Rd, Chadstone.


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2 thoughts on “Supernormal Canteen, White Night, Niko Niko

  1. Ahh man such good food makes me hungry! And id totally take the 5 million dollars…..I could use some of the money into health research and develop my own magical health drug hahahaha, and sell it for millions more ;)……and id buy a jetski….. But actually in my opinion its stupid to take the easy way out of health…..its must more fun to be active and you feel fresher when you eat healthy meals……so money is the most logical choice……besides why be selfish when U can help other people!? I think the answer to that question is not as simple as it seems…..
    And maaaannnnn that Pumpkin congee looks frickn AMAZING! MASSIVE NOMS!

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