Little Creatures Dining Hall, I Know a Place

Little Creatures - Cropped Image

Friday night dinner – no dinner booking and no patience for 1hr+ wait times at a lot of restaurants…what to do?

Fortunately there are Friday-safe places like Little Creatures Dining Hall, which is the brewery’s casual restaurant serving up good quality pub food. Though it’s still bustling and very busy, chances are you won’t have to wait too long thanks to the size of the hall . Conveniently they also have a bar serving up their specialty of ales and ciders if you do have to wait.

We had the pale ale mussels with kale and bacon, salami pizza (yum), quinoa salad, corn on the cob, all washed down with some ciders/ales.

Also the chips we had were cooked with the skin on (10 points to Griffindor there) 🙂  Here’s a secret, if I had to name one food-related Achilles heel….it’d be hot chips without a doubt. If Hansel and Gretel was rewritten as “Hansel and Elaine”, the witches’ house used to lure them in would be made of hot chips (instead of gingerbread and candy). Though I’m not sure how attractive that kind of house would look in a children’s book…

We wanted to check out Gelato Messina for dessert so went off for Smith Street…as we walked along, we saw a huge queue and we all thought it was for some club….until we saw the big sign for “Gelato Messina” that everyone was queuing for!  Not even joking but there were probably about 80 people queuing up (including people inside), insane! Only in Melbourne.

The place is supposed to be one of Australia’s best gelatos, but even I’m not going to wait 1hr+ for gelato. Raincheck for another day.

Decided to check out a bar called “I Know a Place” (I’m a sucker for a kitschy name like that).  It’s a very cosy spot that feels a bit like stepping into someone’s living room and has a nice small outdoor area. It’s good if you just want to chill and they also do nice cocktails (I had one with egg whites in it..interesting!). I tried some of my friend’s rice lager too which I hadn’t had before – it was light and slightly sweet, not bad. I’ve always been skeptical of rice drinks after having ‘bai jiu’ in China (for the uninitiated…consider yourself blessed – it tastes like it should be hospital-grade anti-bacterial alcohol). My Mandarin teacher though swears that bai jiu is good with hot pot…


While there, we came onto the topic of different cultural differences and how that affects how you give feedback. One of my friends didn’t know what the “Critique Sandwich” approach was, where you start with a compliment (the bread) then hit someone with the critique (the meat) and finish up with another compliment (the bread again).

The question was though – why is the critique the meat? In a sandwich isn’t the meat the best part? Maybe this is an analogy designed for vegetarians…

critique sandwich
The Critique Sandwich

Eat: Little Creatures Dining Hall, 222 Brunswick St

Drink: I Know A Place, Rear, 451 Brunswick St, Fitzroy. No website.

Little Creatures Melbourne Dining Hall on Urbanspoon

I Know a Place on Urbanspoon


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