Innocent Bystander


A sunny afternoon after church, some of the girls and I decided to head to Innocent Bystanders Winery in the Yarra Valley for lunch.

The drive there was scenic – the green vineyards, the mountain ranges blending into the sky….which was all enjoyable until I realised. Rookie error (#1) committed. Completely slipped my mind to check the fuel level (I used to want to be a pilot when I was growing up, luckily for passengers all around the world I abandoned this dream).

Soon those nice views turned into ‘geez we really are in the middle of nowhere’.  I willed my little car onwards, ”come on little Golf, you can do it!!”. We were almost at the 0 notch, but thankfully, we reached Healesville and swung into the first servo we could see.

Crisis averted.

Rookie error (# 2) – wearing a dress on a super windy day. Thought I’d put on a nice new summer dress but did not factor in the weather – so as I was walking to pay, a huge gust of wind completely flipped my dress upwards, resulting in me flashing the guy behind me who had front row tickets to this show.

Wishful thinking was that I looked like this….











...but in reality, I probably looked more like this:













Innocent Bystanders are winemakers with a restaurant in the middle of Healesville (Innocent Bystanders Cellar Door). It’s a great large space with a separate area for the wine production, bakery, open kitchen and coffee roasting area.

We got drinks on the house because we had to wait 15 minutes – no complaints here!

I had the Innocent Bystanders moscato (perfect summer drink), while my friend had the moscato granita (even better summer drink).


Innocent Bystanders Moscato and Granita

Lunch options range from wood fired pizzas to your mains and I was lured by the duck confit with honey roasted pear, endive and walnut salad – delicious.

My friends ordered a few wood fired pizzas and the bbq pork shoulder, equally as delicious (though I think my friend won with the pork shoulder).

Duck confit

Duck confit

They have some good deals on the 6 pack of moscato (which come in cute 375mL bottles), so I took some home to break out on another hot day. You can also do some wine tasting for $10, but this is refundable if you buy something from their Giant Steps range.

A few for home

A few for home

Well actually didn’t wait too long to crack a few bottles open that same night because we had a Chinese New Year dinner (round 3!) with family and family friends. 

Chinese New Year Dinner (Round 3)

Chinese New Year Dinner (Round 3)

Eat/Drink: Innocent Bystanders, 336 Maroondah Hwy, Healesville VIC 3777.

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