Hammer & Tong, Rose St. Artists’ Markets


Apart from a few odd sweltering days, Melbourne summer has been beautiful this year. You know, the weather you’d imagine that goes with a Beach Boys song. Was perfect for walking around Fitzroy before meeting some friends for lunch.

As I was a bit early, I took a detour through Rose St and accidentally stumbled upon the Rose Street Artists’ Market.

Rose Street Market

Rose Street Artists’ Market


The Rose Street Artists’ Market features designers and artists who come along each Saturday and Sunday, set up in a former junkyard.

There’s an eclectic mix of items from jewelry, to posters and different knick knacks.

The first item I bought was a cute glass flower jar made from a mini milk bottle. The shopkeeper at the time was an adorable 5 year old girl who was filling in for her mum who designs the jars.

The jar was 7 bucks, so I handed the girl a $20 note and needed change, so the girl reached into her bag and pulled out a $50. Cute. I’m no scam artist (though my brothers would arguably protest this) so told her “No, I need a blue note and some gold coins..” She was so chuffed that she had made her first sale of the day. And I was happy to have taught the next generation some essential mathematics.


Some gifts for friends, some gifts for me 😉

All the treasure hunting made me hungry, so glad it was time for my favourite meal of the day.

We went to Hammer and Tong 412, where my lovely friends treated me to brunch –   duck egg with oyster mushrooms and fontina briont soldiers (cheesy bread fingers essentially). Very decadent, very delicious.

My friends had the soft shell crab burger and the corn & zucchini fritters, which also looked very good.


Duck egg, oyster mushrooms, truffle butter, watercress, fontina briont soldiers $18

There’s always something interesting to look at in Fitzroy, whether it’s going hipster spotting or checking out some of the interesting street art:

20140125_133137 20140125_132227

The Artists Garden, FItzroy

The Artists Garden, FItzroy

Hammer & Tong on Urbanspoon


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