Why hello there.


If you’ve just stumbled upon here, this is a blog documenting weekends here in Melbourne – things I’ve done, seen, and eaten (of course).

Previously I had kept a blog while I was in Montréal and loved writing it. It was interesting reading back on it – when you go to a new city, your mindset shifts into an inquisitive gear. You go out of your way to explore new things, challenge yourself and feel more inclined to get out of your comfort zone (for me in Montréal, this meant getting out of my toasty warm bed to face -30°C degree weather to explore the place).

I wanted to start this blog as a small experiment – adopt that same mindset you take to a new city, exploring your home city as if you’ve only got a few months left there. Which on second thoughts, does sound a bit morbid…but it’s about seeking out more opportunities to love your home city just a little bit more.

Oh and how rude of me, allow me to introduce a little about myself:

I’m a 20-something year old, born in Melbourne, family background is from Hong Kong. I’ve lived in Melbourne all my life, however also have spent 6 months in France and 5 months in Montréal.

By day, I’m a management consultant. By night, I’m batma…nah I’m just sleeping. Things I love include: family, friends, faith, food, travel, languages, running (probably a good thing since I love eating so much), street art, sketching and of course, living in Melbourne.

I have to warn you now though that I when I casually mention I love food…I really mean it…and subsequently there will plenty of posts on this subject matter. Reasons I know I’m slightly obsessed includes:

  • While I do ponder life’s big questions before I sleep, other times my last thought before sleeping will be “hmm I wonder what I should eat for breakfast tomorrow…”
  • My favourite travel memories are often centered around food – be it the fresh Portuguese egg tart that wobbles slightly in the centre, cinnamon on top and flaky pastry; the chicken hot pot on a winter’s day up in the mountains of Vietnam (in an open air restaurant…genius idea for winter guys); piping hot dumplings from a Shanghai street stall, with the soup subsequently ending up all over my shirt, cardiac arrest inducing ‘poutine’ on a -40 degree winter’s night in Montreal… I’ll stop there because I could write an entire thesis on this. Also because it’s making me abnormally hungry
  • And finally… yes, I’m one of those culprits who likes taking sneaky photos of their food…but probably not such a bad thing if I’m to write this blog.

So hope you enjoy this blog about Melbourne, perhaps even find a few new places to explore along the way 🙂

x E.


2 thoughts on “Why hello there.

  1. HAHahaha amazing! & If i’m hungry when I go to bed I must EAT food or I will stay up all night obsessing hahahha. I love your reasoning for starting, making the most of life and challenging yourself to keep exploring. Love it!

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